Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway: It's not terrorism if you're a photogenic white guy who hates the government?

   Like most people, when I first heard of the bombing in Oslo, I started group-thinking along with everybody else that al-Qaeda were behind it and had chalked up some opportunistic infidel deaths to buy some longevity in global media now that their dear leader got air dumped in the Indian Ocean. I presumed headlines and a media frenzy were the motivation for the bombing. You're nobody these days without column inches. Al-Qaeda, being mainly a media phenomena anyhow, with no command and control structure, no real logistics operation and no more chips to play on the global stage except media infamy for 9/11 and some amorphous rallying call to angry Muslim youth to use 'terror' against the Western oligarchy; I figured this was just a cheap way to blast a soft target and remind us all that al-Qaeda are still here. Muslim populations in the Middle East sure have a legitimate beef with us Westerners for meddling in their desert shitholes just so we can keep the petro dollar Christmas tree lights on.

   Still, I grabbed popcorn.  Nothing starts a whole new war like dead white people.

   But then I started thinking about it. Norway? Why the hell would, and I'm using the terminology of Western countries here, why would the "terrorists" strike Norway of all places? I mean, they aren't exactly enemy number one or close to first on the list of "countries a young pissed off Muslim extremist with no girlfriend" is likely to want to murder children in. Sure, it's a NATO member and a soft target with no TSA and Patriot Act keeping them all safe. But when you're a young Muslim donning a suicide vest to make a point by chalking up a respectable civilian body count, Norway is by no means the first place you'd choose to make that point. Then I thought of Gaddafi and that threat he made two weeks ago about bombing the Euros and NATO capitals. If some young Libyan pulled this shit, then the much derided NATO ground assault on Tripoli that I fantasized about last week was suddenly in play.

   Hell, if the whole "war on terror" is really real I thought, as I switched from popcorn to beer, then why didn't some sexually repressed but horny young Muslim or Gaddafi 'Manchurian Candidate' plant a bomb in say, Times Square, or blow up an airliner with a Calvin Klein underwear bomb? Oh shit, yeah, 'they' already tried that and I've already been duly 'terrified' by what the desert brown people want to do to me. Okay, I thought, maybe Norway is a legitimate target, what with their fancy socialist democracy, high taxes and top rating on 'best countries in the world to live in' index. Perhaps one of those young Muslims living in a segregated Muslim district in Oslo wanted to draw attention to the fact that they're highly pissed off with their living situation. And, let's face it, no letter writing campaign is ever going to change public awareness like a bunch of dead people.

   That's when breaking news told me that a "suspect had been apprehended by Norwegian police". And right then I knew this guy wasn't al-Qaeda. Any decent fundamentalist would have saved the last bullet in the mag for himself. And not for that 72 virgin bullshit they like to promulgate on CNN or Fox. Proper religious fundamentalists die by their sword along with their victims and let god sort out the moral dilemma of heaven and hell allocation. It's how you prove you truly believe in an afterlife right? By dying and going to a better place? It's why I wonder why all these religious fundamentalists on all sides don't just kill themselves by default and board the short train to paradise. Why waste time dealing with the nuance of the human world when you can take the fast track to everlasting bliss?

   Turned out, by my third beer, the shooter had been identified. Pictures of him surfaced.

   Holy shit, I thought, he might be the best looking Muslim 'terrorist' I'd ever seen!

  Brad Pitt could play that guy in a movie. He's the most photogenic blonde Euro terrorist since the baddies in 'Die Hard'. Aren't terrorists supposed to be bearded brown desert people with funny headgear? And that's when I noticed that the "Terror Attack in Oslo" headlines started shifting editorially to "Extremist Attacks in Oslo". Suddenly, terrorism was off the table now that a blond photogenic white Norwegian guy did it.

   This subtle editorial shift sums up the whole "War on Terror" thing in one neat little pistachio shell. Terrorism since 9/11 has been purely the domain of brown people in foreign deserts where the oil is. It's the kind of subtle editorial shift that goes unnoticed but it's there, full on and in your face, that is if you've got the time or inclination to pay attention to the conglomerated bullshit excuse for news reporting we get these days. Chances are, most people in Western countries are too busy holding down their jobs or looking for a decent paying one in the economic crisis to pay too much attention to what goes down in Norway. Especially if it's not an al-Qaeda operation with any likelihood of bombing them while they ride public transport  to get to that job. Truth is, the lone crusade of an extremist with some beef with his government isn't really a priority except for a quick empathetic fear of what it might be like to be hunted like game for twenty minutes in a forest/lake setting in Norway. World events these days are supposed to fit a narrative. When they don't, the story must shift to something far more confusing and people are left to figure out our crazy times and the madness of fellow humans all by themselves.

   The reality is that Anders Behring Breivik is a terrorist. Pure and simple. He used 'terror' to  make a point to the Norwegian government for what he saw as its Marxist Socialist agenda leading Norway down the wrong path and letting in too many desert people who have no interest in assimilating into Norwegian culture. Or something. It's an argument you can make. And, I suppose, a fair point to put on the discussion table if you believe in democracy. Let the people decide in the proper forum right? After all, isn't democracy the sneaking suspicion that more than 50% of the people are right more than 50% of the time? But I suppose, if we are to learn anything from history, it's that war and mass murder are the fast track to making your point heard. So break out the automatic weaponry, head to the local mosque at prayer time and start hosing all those evil Muslim children with 7.62mm hollow points to make that point, right?

  Wait, what?

   Scratch that. No, instead, this guy headed to a Norwegian Youth Camp and mowed down 85 white teenagers to prove a point about how bad Muslims are. Okay, let me check my notes. Maybe I skipped the chapter in world military history where murdering your own racial group makes you a hero among them because you wanted to prove to them and the government how 'bad' the enemy racial group are. That's when I stopped trying to piece together the psychology of this guy. He doesn't even deserve the mental energy. Call me radical, but I like my terrorists to at least have a proper point. You know, something like freeing oppressed people from tyranny or blowing up a hotel full of enemy personnel because they're occupying your country or something. At the very least, a cogent ideology you can disagree with on a human level but understand if you were to put yourself in the shooter's shoes and experience his shitty life from childhood.

   But this fucking millionaire?

   Growing up in one of the richest countries on the planet with all kinds of social services and free education and healthcare and unemployment insurance, this fuck up started two businesses that tanked so at 32, he went to live on a farm outside Oslo. Yeah, it was all part of his plan. It's a hard life being a fuck up but a lot easier if you own a farm. How can you hate people if you live on a farm in Norway anyway? You've already scored huge in the life lottery and got incarnated in the first world in the 21st century where life is golden. It made me think of that scene in 12 Monkey's when Bruce Willis time travels back from the post apocalyptic virus future and stumbles across a shitty stream in a nondescript forest and cries with joy, raving that this is all anyone ever needs, fresh water, sky, clean air, a wood supply with fish and wild game to hunt.

   But that's me being all idealistic.

   We humans are pretty simple when it comes down to it. But in the celebrity fap zone sci fi dystopia that we've created for ourselves, where you're nobody if you're not on TV or on some shitty reality show, there are plenty of sick fucks out there who can't see the wood from the trees in the '12 Monkey' forest. This fame whore just wanted headlines and the inevitable media frenzy that makes mass murder an instant ticket to fame. Blame whoever. The media business itself or the insatiable human nature that consumes it. But Anders Behring Breivik is on the front page of every media outlet on the planet today. And that's mission accomplished for him. And yeah, I'm aware of the meta post modern irony of me writing about it.

   We're going to hear a lot of of bullshit in the media over the next week about this guy and the reasons why he did what he did. It'll probably lead to debates about multiculturalism, Muslim integration in free societies, curbs on civil liberties to prevent it from happening again and mountains of other things. But at the end of the day, this fame whore succeeded, just like 'al-Qaeda' did, in making fools of us all. Violence works as do body counts and war. War is the only thing that ever changed anything in human history. Sad fact. And don't quote me Gandhi, that was just war by peaceful means. 

   What a waste of a good farm.




  1. Hey WarTard, I come to this blog for the funny and informative.

    But you knocked it out of the park with this post. Everything I've felt about the last ten years and the war on terror in 11 concise paragraphs.

    So tell us, who are you really?

    Some disgruntled journo who can't say what he really thinks in his day job?

  2. Yeah this Norway shooting / bombing is weird. Straight away here in Oz the media is telling us what to think of it. The message being home grown terrorists are now the new threat. So the fear keeps on going.

    BTW can you learn to shot that well on COD MW2? Did he really shot well? Or were they sitting ducks? So many fucking questions.

    All I know is the world is getting more fucked and AFAIK this sort of guy has been programmed. But by whom?

    1. the world is not getting more fucked. this world has always been quite a dystopia, when you think about it.
      every generation, we're doomed to the inadequate civilizations of our forefathers. until 1945 most societies were tyrannical, from Mussolini to Stalin to Hitler to a racist US and an imperialistic UK. Nowadays, civilization has advanced quite a bit thanks to welfare and civil rights, but its stagnated over the last 30-40 years.its no wonder why: people are dumb and complacent

  3. It wasn't just any “youth camp” – it was the summer camp for the Labour Party's youth organization. ABB hated the Norwegian Labour party because they encouraged a multi-cultural Norway.

  4. Also, he made those two companies with the express purpose of getting fertilizer and other supplies he would need for making the attacks. He bought the farm so he could plan in seclusion. The whole thing was 9 years in the making, apparently ever since he and his butt buddies had that Knights Templar get together in London in '02.

  5. Small island, nowhere to run, sitting ducks. Tragic. They should pass a law in Norway to bring in the death penalty, just one time, just for this guy.

  6. You left out the bit about him being a Mason and a Zionist.

    The media is doing their best to paint this nutter as a White Nationalist while ignoring those two points, and the fact that even the dumbest Neo-Nazi would shoot children of his own race. For a guy with a big bomb, and a shit load of bullets, and 9 nine years of preparation, he picked a really stupid target. The day before the former PM was there, and the current one was due the day after. Sounds to me more like a message to them than what he was claiming to do.

    I also wonder why it took so long for special forces to cross a 500m body of water.

    And why did he set the bomb off in a commercial district on a public holiday? It is not like he was shy about a high body count?

    If you read his manifesto, it states he earned a hell of a lot of money that he used to buy the equipment for his rampage. I am very suspicious of that.

    Are the Mossad really dumb enough to have had a hand in this?

    After the Dubai adventure, I think so.

    This stinks!

  7. "Okay, let me check my notes. Maybe I skipped the chapter in world military history where murdering your own racial group makes you a hero among them because you wanted to prove how bad the enemy racial group are. That's when I stopped trying to piece together the psychology of this guy. He doesn't even deserve the mental energy. Call me radical, but I like my terrorists to at least have a point."

    He wanted to target the present and future elite of the Norwegian Labor Party as he sees them as directly responsible for "Cultural Marxism" and "multiculturalism" and all effects of immigration as being secondary. He had hoped to kill senior NLP officials with the car bomb at the government building. Former PM Brundtland was scheduled to speak at the youth camp and ABB may have planned to kill her but got delayed and she had left the site by the time he arrived.

  8. He could have made that point more effectively by heading to a mosque. The fallout would have buried the government in shit. Also, he'd be a right wing fringe hero all over Europe with the off chance of copy cat attacks and race war.

    This attack was all about him, narcissim, fame and hatred of his own countrymen. Personally, I don't buy his bullshit reasons.

  9. The "children" that were killed in Norway.
    Turns out it wasn't kids at all but political activists in their mid twenties.

  10. All of the people killed at the island were politically active, attending the summer camp of the labour partys youth division. Some of them as young as 13, the oldest in their 20s, some with a longstanding membership in the party, others were attending their first youth gathering. The summer camp has been held for more than 40 years, always in the same place. The current PM spent many of his summers there. ABB targeted the summer camp to stop the labour party from recruiting to a party he despised because its members speak positively about a multicultural norway.

  11. I have followed some online political debate, mostly on non political websites. The fact is that there is a growing tendency from populist and right wing thinkers that the social democrats are to blame for the Western Europe we see today. High taxes, condemning feminism and a strong fear of Muslims taking over are some of their main concerns. In the discussions they tend to throw out much incorrect data and repeat inaccuracies over and over again. They seem fond of old fashion propaganda.
    To get up and away from the desk top and actually go through with such gruesome attacks is obviously a big leap, and we learn now that most of these people do not symphatize with the violent actions. Good. As much as it scares me my first suspicion was that we were dealing with an extremist from these political environments. (Was out of reach much of Friday so learned about the 2 attacks just as the news of Utøya hit the media).

    Just to clarify (for some of you):
    The youth camp is a political, social democratic event. They're from all over the country and not just white blonds.
    Everything in Oslo is in the commercial district. The Government buildings with the PM's office (that was where the bomb went off). The Parliament is not far away from the location and just next to the main shopping street. That same street leads up to the Royal Castle.
    The former PM was on the island earlier that same day as the shooting took place.
    If you'd care to read some of the survivors blogs or just watch an interview with them, where some of them describes in detail how they managed to escape and what went on, you'd understand that they were not sitting ducks.

  12. ABB said the attacks were intended to start a revolution to inspire Norwegians to retake their country from Muslims and other immigrants.

    I fail to see how shooting your own people inspires those same people even if they have opposing political views. Like WT said, if he'd attacked a mosque and got muslims to react with violence all over europe now that would be a different story.

  13. He starts with the enemy, the ones he blames for, as he says, importing the muslims into the country. He's not against muslims as long as they don't live in his country, or rather his part of the world. I'm not even sure if he really consider himself a racist.
    He wants to spread fear for now, inspire and weaken those he considers to be the traitors so that it in the end it will make it easier for the ones coming after him to "clean up Europe". He doesn't want a short lived battle. He wants to get rid of the muslims in Europe and any one that he feels stands in the way of that process. 2083 is many years from now. It's very sad and the thought process is scary. But who's really scared?

  14. Your blog should win a Pulitzer Prize. F-ing awesome!

  15. It is ruthless but there is a rational for these actions. Killing the youth of the political Marxist elite will certainly put allot more fear into them than killing random Muslims who they only care for as political props. Anders killed 80-100 people, I doubt it will have the desired effects but if it lead to reducing the thousands more killed and raped each by immigrants in otherwise mostly peaceful white countries he could justify his actions as the lesser evil.

    If he does manage to inspire a nationalist revival from prison it would not be the first time universally condemned mass murderers and terrorists like John Browne or Nelson Mandela have been retconed into heroes.

  16. 'Effing spot-on, 'Tard. As soon as it turned out to be a blonde John Ritter look alike the "Terrorist" label flies out the door.

  17. With the thoughts you’d be thinkinJuly 27, 2011 at 1:09 AM
    -various thought by diffrent commentators

  18. @With the thoughts you’d be thinkin
    Holy Crazypants!

  19. Write something on historical war, Tard. This shooter doesn't deserve your attention.

    How about something from way back. I love that article you did on Caesar at Alesia. You haven't done an article on ancient warfare since. Any chance of a piece on Alexander, the greatest general of them all?

  20. I put this in google.
    Anders Breivik Zionist. Lots of hits.
    Turns out the youth camp had Palestinain flags displayed. WTF. This is looking like a hit using a patsy idiot. sound familiar

  21. Most successful revolutionary movements kill more of there own ethnic group than of the occupiers. The ANC killed many more black collaborators than whites in SA burned to death in a flaming tire. The VC killed many more Vietnamese than US GIs. Americans who expressed any loyalty to Britain were burned to death with boiling tar and dusted with feathers as a joke.

    The bloodiest part in any revolution is stamping out descent in those they claim to be liberating. Revolution and civil war aint pretty.

  22. Bill Ayers.
    Gerry Adams
    Nelson Mandela.
    Che Guevara.

    Anders Breivik?

  23. Hey War Tard,

    I have to disagree a little bit - White supremacists ALWAYS hate their own 'race traitors' WAY more than they hate any races they want to exterminate. This guy shooting up a left-leaning kids camp is the least surprising thing about the whole ordeal. Why shoot muslims when the liberal government that is in charge will just let more in/continue to 'destroy your society'? Get rid of the liberals/multicultural/whatever the fuck and when your fascist government is in charge: then you can round up anyone you don't like and get rid of them.

  24. Everyone is calling Brevik a right wing extremist. But although his methods were extreme his politics apart from criticizing multiculturalism are quite mainstream really. He criticized the BNP for being too racist he seems to be more concerned with religion than race seeing himself as a Christian Crusader or counter Jihadist. He suports Israel and gay rights so he is really quite a mainstream Christian Zionist NeoConservative like George W Bush or Dick Cheney. Remind me who killed more people?

  25. Remember that it took a long time before the press had the guts to call Timothy McVeigh a terrorist. There was debate about it, as I recall, for some time, by the "serious" media.

  26. "Holy shit, I thought, he might be the best looking Muslim 'terrorist' I'd ever seen!"

    That line was magnificent.