Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Did Julian Assange give himself up as part of a greater plan?


    I have this secret fantasy that Julian Assange is a fucking genius.

   This fantasy says he gave himself up to the authorities in the UK for a deeper reason then just confronting the bullshit condom malfunction rape charge in Sweden. He knew the British would take him into custody. He knew he would refuse extradition to Sweden and the court battle for this would be long.

    He knows all major media in the US are acting in concert, denouncing him as a terrorist, as a traitor and at the very least a criminal who should be tried in court. Most US politicians want him arrested some even killed. Also, major US corporations are on his ass. Paypal cancelled Wikileak's accounts, "hackers" shut down Wikileaks, now Mastercard and Visa have blocked donations and payment transfers to Wikileaks. It's like the whole corporate-government-media-military nexus are out to 'get' him, and Assange, knowing this, gave himself up like a sacrificial lamb with a wider plan in mind.

   Is the next move the US issuing a warrant for his arrest and his extradition to the US by the British?

   I can't see the British doing it, despite the 'special relationship', there'd be too much blowback. Still, if the US wants him, leaning on the Brits is their best chance. Funnily enough Wikileaks revelation that US diplomats consider Cameron "weak" may work against them as Cameron gets to issue a stern 'fuck you' to the yanks.

   But for my fantasy's sake, let's dream that Assange wants to become a martyr for truth, the Nelson Mandela of his time, an Aung San Suu Kyi for America, a Tiananmen tankman for democracy; because you know if the Americans ever get their hands on him he'll languish in some shit hole military prison smashing rocks into smaller rocks for the rest of his life. He'll be the postcard for resistance to the imperial machines of many countries. But he'll only be as guilty as the New York Times for publishing the embassy cables. Yet he'll be the one in jail. In my fantasy world, that's his whole plan!

   Assange knows that world public opinion is on his side, at least amongst free thinkers and those not hopelessly delusional. Is Assange martyring himself to drive a wedge between the world presented to us by the corporate media and government lies and the world most people actually live in and see with their own eyes?

   I mean it's quite clear now. There is a disconnect between the world as presented on TV and what 90% of people are actually living. The only conflict is who the masses blame for it. But most people sense it. The Gulf oil spill, enviro rape, fucking wars, resource depletion, economic collapse, taxpayers paying for bank failures while the rich who own everything laugh like motherfuckers.

   The US is floating the idea of indictments against Assange for publishing documents about US diplomats spying on the UN without indicting the actual diplomats who did the illegal fucking spying? Are we approaching a tipping point here, and is Assange trying to lead us to it? Does Assange's martyrdom to the authorities provide that final straw that breaks large sections of society out of the Matrix and makes them go all Neo on the powers that be?

  Fuck, could this be the beginning of a new low grade war between citizens and corpo governments?

  Is it too much of a fantasy to believe the powers that be will overplay their hand while persecuting him, and turn Assange into a symbol for the hypocrisy of the Western 'democracies'?


    Someone tell the corpo-government that 1984 was a work of fiction, not an instruction manual!



  1. that video's hysterical... you couldn't find a walmart employee in any one of their stores if your life depended on it.

  2. The United States Department of Homeland Security...brought to you by Wal-Mart! What a fucking joke.

  3. I think general civil unrest has been brewing ever since the global economic crisis began. People are getting fed up of being spat on by the rich and by governments, and Wikileaks could help be the tipping point, which is being further fuelled by the pathetic attempts by various governments to stop Wikileaks. If the general masses actually realised how much power they had in sheer numbers then shit could go down.

  4. That video reminds me of the terminator ride down in orlando, florida.

  5. We are in the midst of a great thriller - it has everything - hacking, sex, government conspiracy, cover-ups - and it's happening RIGHT NOW. It is War out there - between philosophies, concepts and hypocrisy - between Freedom Of Speech and those who only pay it lip-service. At stake is the ability of the United States to have the moral authority to critise China, Russia etc and guide them to a more democratic place. Therefore, this is also a war for the long-term future of democracy itself.

  6. At least these Government Servants™ know their audience, and at least they have a Serious Person™ to be their spokesmodelette.

    Why not remind people at WalMart™ to lay off the super size lard tarts? it might actually save a life or two.

  7. I think another reason for Assange to turn himself over has been to make the point that he is not Wikileaks, that it is a globally distributed entity. Currently the same fallacy is perpetrated around Assange as for bin Laden at the turn of the decade - that a single mastermind is responsible for the work of a non-homogeneous, distributed entity with a variety of goals and principles.

  8. if it weren't for the fact that he turned himself into the Brits and declined Swedish extradition, I'd say it was a brilliant move. The Swedes won't extradite him to the US, the Brits will. The Swedes are clearly trying to lure him to Sweden and offer him asylum... and this is only one of the fatal mistakes he's made this week: http://dearestjulian.blogspot.com

  9. Don't be silly chaps! Assange is a Langley mole. This is all about censoring the Internet. Any better excuse than to claim it's prone to "terrorist" uses to start closing it (well the non profitable parts, that's it)?

    Comon'! Wake up!

  10. I wonder if Lawson realise the American's are the bad people here. All americans have blood on their hands for their illegal wars. If Assange got a little trying to stop it, who are we to judge?